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Versace ferrarie Lamborginies of nog sneller


Very Rare Rented Splashy Car Versace Sunglasses

Purple and red is quite daring, but the two colors go well together as this Versace shows. Does it remind you of a supercar? One thing is certain, you take good care of it and when you don't use it, you park it neatly in the garage. Polish it daily to a shine, show it off like tough guys in a rented splashy car through a busy street. Just press the accelerator and then slow down for that threshold 10 meters further.

Gestern gestürzt, neue blaue Flecken, diesmal zum Glück keine Schürfwunden.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear. Comes with original Versace case.

Model Nr: MOD. 493

Price: €150



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