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Very Rare Tusks of Walruses Gucci Sunglasses

These sunglasses seem to refer to the oldest predecessor of sunglasses, which was already developed in prehistoric times by the Inuit. In the areas where these tribes lived, it snowed exceptionally often, which could quickly lead to blindness on sunny days.

To protect their eyes from the sun, the Inuit made sunglasses from the tusks of walruses. They planed these pieces of ivory slab, after which they made two narrow slits with a knife. These glasses looked very fashionable and stopped the worst rays of the sun.

No walrus died for these Gucci sunglasses, but they sure are fashionable.

Selbst wenn die Schnürsenkel zugebunden sind, können Sie die Treppe hinunterfallen.

The sunglasses are in a good condition , some minor signs of wear to the frame. Come with original velvet case.

Model Nr: GG0358

Price: €160

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