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New E-book Versace Sunglasses


Very Rare New E-book Versace Sunglasses

“Power is silver, influence is gold,” Gianni's new E-book might have been called, if he were still alive. With all the gold that Gianni has used in his designs, he shows not to underestimate the impact of influence. On a Spanish Sunday he shouted: “Ask no attention. Demand influence. Influence is durable and more resilient to the shocks of a world that is changing faster than ever before.”

How do you gain influence as an individual? The answer is simple: invest in these Versace sunglasses with an all-gold front, it seems Gianni can fuse attention and influence in this frame.

Wie funktioniert ein E-Book, wenn Sie den Buchstaben „e“ nicht aussprechen können?

The sunglasses are new old stock.

Model Nr: MOD. X43

Price: €130



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