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Black Rectangular Chanel...

Very rare Chanel sunglasses from the 00s worn among others by Princess Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa . The frame is made from a modern plastic style featuring hip rectangular lenses and the double C Chanel logo on a leather temple plaque. Meticulous craftsmanship & the quality of each pair ensures superb comfort & durability. These are sunglasses designed to be universally flattering on virtually everyone!

Ein V ist zwei V auf Deutsch

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, there are signs of wear to the lenses and frame.

Model Nr: 5115-Q

Price: €100

Regular price €100.00 Price €85.00

Black White Versace Sunglasses

Very very rare Gianni Versace sunglasses from 1990’s. These sunglasses are from the Gianni Versace era, made by the Italocremona Factory in Italy. The quality is immediately felt when you hold the glasses in your hands. The plastic feels very sturdy and the temples are from beautifully detailed gun metal, folded in the notorious Versace meander pattern. The black and white color combination gives these glasses that real retro vibe from the pre-color television era. With these glasses you can go straight onto the track. Ferrari-Autos bewegen sich schnell.

These glasses are in an excellent vintage condition, there are just some minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: Mod. 530

Price: €85

Regular price €85.00 Price €68.00
Most Beautiful Fendi Sunglasses
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Most Beautiful Fendi...

Very Rare Most Beautiful Fendi Sunglasses.

Again, another beautiful pair of glasses. This time from Fendi. Round with gold and legs that you can fold out. This is the most beautiful one we have ever offered to the people.

Verschwörer und Einzelgänger

nur zusammen mit 4, 2, 1

oder kein Bein.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some signs of wear. 

Price: €120

Regular price €120.00 Price €119.99

Piano Black Fendi Sunglasses

amazing black and white fendi shades. The logo is created by a serie of cut outs of the sunglasses material

Small signs of wear, nothing major.

Regular price €75.00 Price €60.00

Rectangular Black With Gold...

Very rare Gucci sunglasses from the 90’s. Some speedy rectangular glasses in black with golden Gucci rivet logos. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfers and construction workers. Is there something loose, weld it back together in style. Milch bringt dich nicht um, aber sie schmeckt auch nicht wirklich.

Good vintage condition, the lenses are new, but some signs of wear to frame and logos.

Model Nr: GG 2515

Price: €70

Regular price €70.00 Price €59.50
Safe Through Traffic Sunglasses
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Safe Through Traffic...

Very rare Safe Through Traffic sunglasses.

Do you also like to wear your sunglasses on your bike, but do you find the blind spot that sometimes arises a bit scary? Well then here is the solution; a hypermodern invention from the past for today's traffic, a Gucci frame with lenses in the temples. These lenses act as a kind of side mirror. Feel safe, turn left when the traffic light turns red.

Beachtung! Achten Sie auf Druckzäune und Stehtische

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: GG 1159

Price: €90

Regular price €90.00 Price €89.99

Silver Rimless Gucci...

Silver frame with ocean blue lenses?

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some small scratches on the lenses, does not obstruct your view when wearing.

Model Nr: GG 2655

Price: €60

Regular price €60.00 Price €51.00

Thin Rimless Givenchy...

Rare brand new Givenchy sunglasses produced for the first time in 2014. Wow wow this is cool, a rectangular rimless Givenchy thing. Woowww, these also got metal fork legs with a Givenchy logo in between, it shouldn't get any crazier. This product is brand new and still have a sticker on the lens.

Wenn ich betrunken bin, kaufe ich immer wieder Sachen, aber ich habe keinen Platz.

These sunglasses are deadstock.

Model Nr: SGV 131

Price: €80

Regular price €80.00 Price €50.00

Wavey Ripple Catether...

Very rare Wavey Ripple Catether Chanel sunglasses

A very sophisticated metal Chanel frame, with a wavey ripple pattern engraved in the lenses. These are glasses that you do not put on your head, but position. XRP blow up!

Jeder kann mit Währung kryptisch machen, freier Eintritt in den Zoo.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, comes with original case and box.

Model Nr: 4254

Price: €120

Regular price €120.00 Price €105.00