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Room for Spontaneity Gucci...

Very Rare Room for Spontaneity Gucci Sunglasses

Do you also have a restless feeling inside? Then come to complete inner peace with these extremely calming Gucci sunglasses. This large contoured frame feels buttery soft and will hit your face in just the right places to relieve you of all the stress. Other ways to relax are: breathe with attention, leave room for spontaneity, steer your own course and turn off devices.

Ein Brief wird niemals ankommen, wenn die Wasser der Erde verschwunden sind.

The sunglasses are in a good condition, some signs of wear to the lenses and frame. Comes with all original belongings.

Model Nr: GG0497S

Price: €170

Price €170.00

New E-book Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare New E-book Versace Sunglasses

“Power is silver, influence is gold,” Gianni's new E-book might have been called, if he were still alive. With all the gold that Gianni has used in his designs, he shows not to underestimate the impact of influence. On a Spanish Sunday he shouted: “Ask no attention. Demand influence. Influence is durable and more resilient to the shocks of a world that is changing faster than ever before.”

How do you gain influence as an individual? The answer is simple: invest in these Versace sunglasses with an all-gold front, it seems Gianni can fuse attention and influence in this frame.

Wie funktioniert ein E-Book, wenn Sie den Buchstaben „e“ nicht aussprechen können?

The sunglasses are new old stock.

Model Nr: MOD. X43

Price: €130

Price €130.00

Ornamental Fence Versace...

Very Rare Ornamental Fence Versace Sunglasses

Watch out, extremely tough looking Versace sunglasses spotted. The front of these glasses has strong characteristic angles, which will enhance the shapes of the head, your jawline has never been better. The vast part of the leg looks like a beautiful ornamental fence, behind which lies a beautiful garden.

Mit deiner Individualität ein Ganzes zu bilden, gibt dir die Kraft, dich im kollektiven Sein zu finden.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. 467

Price: €130

Price €130.00
Possibilities in...
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Possibilities in...

Very Rare Possibilities in Difficulties Gucci Sunglasses

A powerful Gucci frame in an extremely energetic tortoise colorway, these are sunglasses that will sharpen your leadership skills significantly. As soon as the glasses are on your face, you will start to think much more in terms of opportunities and challenges,  thereby you will see new possibilities in difficult situations. Thinking in limitations and impossibilities is now a thing of the past.

Als die Flagge gehisst wurde, schlich sich der kleine Brian einen Snack in die Ecke.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some signs of wear to the frame. Comes with original pouch.

Model Nr: GG 2409

Price: €170

Price €170.00

Gold Rush Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Gold Rush Gucci Sunglasses

Was it gold rush that made Gucci decide to build these glasses? In any case, this square and gold Gucci frame with brownish glasses evokes an excitement among prospectors and stock speculators, which arises when they suspect that they can get rich quickly by finding gold or making a profit, respectively.

Goldverrückte sollten sich diesen Goldfieber einfach bestellen.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear.

Model Nr: GG 1753

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Best at Something Chanel...

Very Rare Best at Something Chanel Sunglasses

In elementary school, some kids are the smartest in the class, some are the tallest, some are the coolest, but not everyone can be the Chanelest. Invest quickly in this beautiful red iridescent Chanel frame with orange glasses. This way you can easily become the best at something in your class, but it will also work well at work.

Sieht nur sehr komisch aus.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear. Comes with original box and case, toy phone is not included.

Model Nr: 5009

Price: €120 

Price €120.00