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Kathrine Hamnett

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Gold Chained Story...

Very Rare Gold Chained Story Katharine Hamnett Sunglasses

Being chained is not nice, but if the chains are made of gold, it's a different story. Katharine Hamnett tells such a story, for example, through sunglasses whose legs are gold chains. This is a metaphor for the pain that ultimate beauty can bring.

Immer in deinem eigenen Kopf gefangen, wie versuchst du zu entkommen?

The sunglasses are new old stock.

Model Nr: KH 034-4

Price: €90

Price €90.00

Relevant Forever Katharine...

Very Rare Relevant Forever Katharine Hamnett Sunglasses

Thick oval sunglasses in a colorway that lies between light ivory and sand yellow, this contrasts beautifully against the sapphire blue lenses. Katharine Hamnett has known for years what is really cool and what is not, she will remain relevant forever. One thing is clear, no shape or color combination is too crazy for her.

“Haha krass, woher wusstet du dass der Burger 18,70€ kostest?”

The sunglasses are new old stock.

Model Nr: KH043

Price: €75

Price €75.00