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Slide Bank Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare Slide Bank Versace Sunglasses 

Versace sunglasses with a golden meandering river as a leg. Such loops are created in rivers or streams because soil is washed away in the outer bend, where the water flows fastest, while soil is deposited on the other side. The bank where the soil is eroded is called the shock bank and the bank where material is deposited the slide bank. Twist your way through existence with these frames.

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The sunglasses are in a good condition, some signs of wear to lenses and frame.

Model Nr: MOD. 527

Price: €130

Price €130.00

Sunny Regions Versace...

Very Rare Sunny Regions Versace Sunglasses

Versace is known for using Medusa's face, often in gold. This symbol can be explained, since Medusa possessed a special beauty according to myths. However, much to her chagrin, she lived in a land where the sun never shone. Medusa begged Athena to let her leave for sunny regions, where she could wear sunglasses with her own face as temples, like this beautiful Versace model.

Menschen und Bananen teilen 50 % der gleichen DNA.

The sunglasses are in a very good condition, minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: Mod. 451

Price: €150

Price €150.00

Scream By Whisper Versace...

Very Rare Scream By Whisper Versace Sunglasses

One of the nicer frames that Giannie has deduced from his golden brain. These glasses have a very dual character, it contains soft yet strictly angled shapes, a striking and at the same time chic tortoise print and then we have the golden temples that do not come across as greedy. These sunglasses seem to scream by whisper.

Es gibt Plastik, das raschelt, und es gibt Plastik, das fürchterlich raschelt.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. 422

Price: €170

Price €170.00

Chlorine Bath Yves Saint...

Very Rare Chlorine Bath Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses

Do you sometimes feel despondent or depressed? You are not alone, it is a feeling that everyone has to endure at times in their life. Remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel as long as the sun continues to shine. It is, of course, important to be protected from this bright light, which will fade the darkness. This delicious black lacquered Yves Saint Laurent frame will be the bottom of your pain. Completely in style, the stairs can be climbed from the depths of the pool with too much chlorine.

Eine Teermuschel, wenn ich sie sauber spülen will, nimmt sie das Meer mit.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: 6004

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Possibilities in...

Very Rare Possibilities in Difficulties Gucci Sunglasses

A powerful Gucci frame in an extremely energetic tortoise colorway, these are sunglasses that will sharpen your leadership skills significantly. As soon as the glasses are on your face, you will start to think much more in terms of opportunities and challenges,  thereby you will see new possibilities in difficult situations. Thinking in limitations and impossibilities is now a thing of the past.

Als die Flagge gehisst wurde, schlich sich der kleine Brian einen Snack in die Ecke.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some signs of wear to the frame. Comes with original pouch.

Model Nr: GG 2409

Price: €170

Price €170.00

Gold Rush Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Gold Rush Gucci Sunglasses

Was it gold rush that made Gucci decide to build these glasses? In any case, this square and gold Gucci frame with brownish glasses evokes an excitement among prospectors and stock speculators, which arises when they suspect that they can get rich quickly by finding gold or making a profit, respectively.

Goldverrückte sollten sich diesen Goldfieber einfach bestellen.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear.

Model Nr: GG 1753

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Softwood-Hardwood Chanel...

Very Rare Softwood-Hardwood Chanel Sunglasses

Sleek, with the iconic double C logo on the sides, these rectangular Chanel glasses always work and never disappoint. They're an in-depth investment that will benefit you for a lifetime. You're not going to get softwood, if you can buy hardwood, and when it comes to eyewear, these glasses are the hardwood of the industry.

Das Schätzen von Werten wird nicht von Bankern durchgeführt, das entscheiden Sie selbst.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear.

Model Nr: 5078

Price €120

Price €120.00

City Nobility Versace...

Very Rare City Nobility Versace Sunglasses

Jousting was a favorite leisure activity of the city nobility, from the high Middle Ages (1000-1250) and until the 16th century. Participation was only open to young knights who were well-to-do and had access to staff, a good horse, proper armor, and the free time to practice jousting. It seems like nowadays jousting has evolved into a wearable Versace frame with gunmetal fork legs that cares about decorating your face while also providing you with the necessary protection.

Die Gabel ließ den Griff im Apfel, ohne Reue.

The sunglasses are new old stock

Model Nr: MOD. 342

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Broodje Bril met Joppie...

Very Rare Hot Dog Sandwich Gucci Sunglasses

Sunglasses that lie as wonderfully soft on your face as a hot dog on a sandwich. Extras such as sauce are not even necessary in this case, because the sauce has been dripping past your head for a long time when wearing this brown transparent Gucci frame. As an extra topping, these sunglasses also have golden horsebits as hinges, so that the drool slides along the corners of the mouth from the gluttony that arises.

Lass den Zug nicht dreimal an dir vorbei, die Luft am Bahnhof ist schon unsauber genug.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, minor signs of wear to the frame and brand new lenses. Comes with original Gucci Case.

Model Nr: GG 2943

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Rise From The Grave Gucci...

Very Rare Rise From The Grave Gucci Sunglasses

Fantastic to see how the beautiful gray colored Gucci frame is draped over the oh so soft red velvet cover. Such a beautiful velvet cover also fits with glasses as clean as these; the inside of the frame is like marble and the 'GG' logos are in a shiny gold color. Every person will rise from his grave for these glasses.

An ein Kreuz genagelt, kannst du deine Nägel nicht schneiden.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear to the lenses and frame. Comes with original velvet case.

Model Nr: GG0516S

Price: €160

Price €160.00

Bureaucratic Bullshit Dior...

Very Rare Bureaucratic Bullshit Dior Sunglasses

Forget all your bureaucratic bullshit, these are simply beautiful single-lens Dior sunglasses. Formidable viewers caught in with dark gray metal pieces, everything is perfectly formed and attuned to each other.

Ich, beim Hamsterkauf: “Boah, das war knapp. War der Letzte.”

The sunglasses are new old stock.


Price: €110

Price €110.00

Walking Over Pebbles Gucci...

Very Rare Walking Over Pebbles Gucci Sunglasses

Since you splurged on yourself with these Gucci sunglasses, walking over pebbles has never been so much fun. Beautiful, soft curves captured in a deep burgundy red, accompanied by light brown lenses, this frame really has it all.

Bürokratische Entscheidungen werden einfach auf der Bank getroffen.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, the frame has some signs of wear.

Model Nr: GG 2438

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Kings Greeting Versace...

Very Rare Kings Greeting Versace Sunglasses

Shapes of otherworldly beauty combined with a popping gold and orange iridescence is what gives these sunglasses their uniqueness. The shapely orange lenses represent the world as if it's Kings Day every day and are carried in a gold metal frame with webbed decorations. A king's greeting to his people will determine how much prosperity the people will experience.

Blutige Szenen spielten sich ab, als die Putzfrau in einer Glasscherbe stand.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. 2015

Price: €115

Price €115.00

Cowboyhut Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Cowboyhut Gucci Sunglasses

Anyone who thought that sunglasses should only be practical is wrong, these Gucci sunglasses prove it again. The tortoise frame is the perfect size, nice and big, but not too big. Add to that some gold interlocking Gucci 'GG' logos and your mail will arrive a day earlier from now on.

Weiß und Rosa sind die perfekten Farben für einen Cowboyhut.

The sunglasses are in a very good condition, minor signs of wear to the frame and brand new lenses.

Model Nr: GG 3140

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Highest Order Yves Saint...

Very Rare Highest Order Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses

Grandiosity of the highest order, a fierce piece of eyewear, suitable for fashion forward individuals with all different types of styles. Vintage YSL sunglasses and eyewear are famous worldwide for being one-of-a-kind frame, just look at the large tortoise frame accompanied by gold YSL printed temples and enjoy.

Schnapp dir einen Kuchen, nicht die Zeitung, distanziere dich von allem, was in der Nähe ist.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some signs of wear to lenses and frame.

Model Nr: 6539

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Atmospheric Perspective...

Very Rare Atmospheric Perspective Chanel Sunglasses

A sublime color combination has been applied to this Chanel frame. The dark blue exterior is joined by a translucent cherry red interior, this works great with the brand new added light blue lenses. A warm-cold contrast is created that offers the wearer a completely new atmospheric perspective. Add to that the well-known quilted pattern and golden Chanel logos on the legs and the child can do the laundry.

Ein Handlauf bietet Ihnen tatsächlich die Möglichkeit, sich an etwas anzulehnen.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear to the frame and brand new lenses. Comes with original Chanel case.

Model Nr: 5023

Price: €135

Price €135.00

Relevant Forever Katharine...

Very Rare Relevant Forever Katharine Hamnett Sunglasses

Thick oval sunglasses in a colorway that lies between light ivory and sand yellow, this contrasts beautifully against the sapphire blue lenses. Katharine Hamnett has known for years what is really cool and what is not, she will remain relevant forever. One thing is clear, no shape or color combination is too crazy for her.

“Haha krass, woher wusstet du dass der Burger 18,70€ kostest?”

The sunglasses are new old stock.

Model Nr: KH043

Price: €75

Price €75.00

Annual Cycle Versace...

Very Rare Annual Cycle Versace Sunglasses

We have an apparently special Versace model here; a matte black gunmetal frame with a leaf pattern in relief on the legs. In addition to the leaves that fall from the trees in their annual cycle, but also grow back, the glasses also have 2 medusa logos on the legs. And if that's not enough, there are very pleasant gray gradient lenses to look through.

Diese Katze, die dich wie ein König ansieht und dich fragt, ob du das Katzenklo wechseln möchtest.

The sunglasses are in a near mint condition, almost no signs of wear and brand new lenses.

Model Nr: MOD. X02

Price: €90

Price €90.00

How To Stand Out Gucci...

Very Rare How To Stand Out Gucci Sunglasses

Previously shown in orange, now in a toxic green color or neon yellow, it is just how you want to call it. The flashy color of these sunglasses is also firmly reinforced by the marble inside and golden logos, making the end result for a striking whole. As can be seen, Gucci knows how to stand out.

Zweifelhafte Tricks, die von einem noch falschen Zauberer auf Stiletto-Fersen hergestellt werden, macht alles einen Obskurder.

The sunglasses are in a good condition, there are signs of wear to lenses and frame. Comes with original velvet case.

Model Nr: GG01517S

Price: €160

Price €160.00

Intelligence Quotient Gucci...

Very Rare Intelligence Quotient Gucci Sunglasses

No one would have thought that sunglasses could increase your intelligence quotient so much. But with its black sharp-pointed frame and yellow lenses, this Gucci can greatly increase your ability to learn, understand and remember something easily and the ability to use that knowledge to solve problems.

In der Öffentlichkeit kam Schadenfreude auf, als der Kassierer verschluckte.

The sunglasses are in a near mint condition, comes with original velvet hardcase.

Model Nr: GG0616S

Price: €160

Price €160.00

Wearable Art Versace...

Very Rare Wearable Art Versace Sunglasses

Full dark gray metal sunglasses frames used to be popular, but are still doing very well today. Gianni can therefore safely be called a visionary, if you look at the timelessness of his creations. The frame has an open and graceful structure, with a silver Medusa face incorporated on the temples. All in all, this is a wearable piece of art to be cherished.

Fischen Sie Ihre Fische aus dem Teich und malen Sie weiter.

The sunglasses are in a mint condition. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: MOD. 533

Price: €140

Price €140.00

Extension of Man Versace...

Very Rare Extension of Man Versace Sunglasses

Versace sunglasses that serve as an extension of man. This tortoise Versace is like an organ, without the gold Medusas on your temples you don't feel complete. This device enhances your senses in such a way that the world can be perceived in a different way, stimuli appear that were previously too far reaching for human perception.

Es muss sehr heiß sein, wenn Ihre Uhr von der Wand schmilzt.

The sunglasses are in good vintage condition, some signs of wear to lenses, frame and hardware.

Model Nr: MOD. 420

Price: €140

Price €140.00

Cute 'n Tough Versace...

Very Rare Cute ’n Tough Versace Sunglasses

A pretty thick oval edge at the front, that's what makes these sunglasses so special. Completed with somewhat narrower legs that are accompanied by sweet gold Medusa plaques. A beautiful relationship between cute and tough comes to the fore with this Versace thing.

Speziell für den Crazy Hair Day habe ich schon zwölf Tipps aufgelistet. ... Machen Sie aus Ihrer Frisur ein Einhorn.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, signs of wear to lenses, frame and hardware. There is no serial number on the inside of the legs as they are replacement Versace legs. Comes with original case.

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Dystopian Sci-Fi Future...

Very Rare Dystopian Sci-Fi Future Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses

These Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses hail from a distant dystopian sci-fi future. A sleek chrome metal frame, containing semi-reflective lenses that appear to be a reflection of the universe with its purple-blue glow. The Terminator would kill to get a pair of sunglasses like these.

Du solltest mich während der Testwoche wirklich nicht stören, manchmal habe ich 2 Tests an einem Tag.

Model Nr: JPG 58-6110

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear.

Price: €180

Price €180.00