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Lion Tamer Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare Lion Tamer Versace Sunglasses

These Versace sunglasses give a warm soft look. The tortoise print of the frame and the brown lenses are partly responsible for this, but the slightly nuanced gold medusa stamps on the legs also have an influence on this. This is one of those sunglasses that lion tamers use to keep their tigers under control.

Brabant ist man nur, wenn man Wurstbrötchen falten kann, jeder kann es werden.

The sunglasses are in a vintage condition, scratches to the frame and temples, but the lenses are pretty. These glasses have a wide fit.

Model Nr: MOD. S95

Price: €115

Price €115.00

Collective Memory Versace...

Very Rare Collective Memory Versace Sunglasses

The case is placed on the glasses in an original way, even more original the glasses are parked on your head. No shortage of gold, that gold medusa contrasts formidably against the tortoise frame, which is also not incorrectly formed. They are glasses that will not soon be forgotten and will continue to simmer in the collective memory forever.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, minor signs of wear to frame, temples and lenses.

Model Nr: MOD. 420

Price: €140

Price €140.00

Ovum Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare Ovum Versace Sunglasses

Black oval Versace sunglasses with subtle silver medusa temples on the legs. The oval shape is nicely applied by Gianni, fun fact: the word oval is derived from the Latin ovum, or egg.

The sunglasses are in a vintage condition, scratches to the lenses and frame.

Model Nr: MOD. 475

Price: €90

Price €90.00

Stunner Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare Stunner Versace Sunglasses 

An extremely well put together pair of sunglasses; a black rectangular frame with Gold plated Medusa medallion on temple. The frame is thick and sturdy, with a beautiful interplay of lines. In short, it's just a stunning pair of sunglasses.

Jedes Kochbuch hat ein schmutziges Rezept.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear to lenses and frame. Comes with original case. 

Model Nr: MOD. 412

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Late Summer Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare Late Summer Versace Sunglasses

Breathtaking oval Versace frame in a frosted gray transparent colorway. This pair also features a subtle silver triangular logo on the temples. The perfect sunglasses to spend your late summer with.

Tragödien und Komödien über kaputtes Geschirr.

The sunglasses are in near mint condition, frame is a little crooked.

Model Nr: MOD. 455

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Tanning Cream Versace...

Very Rare Tanning Cream Versace Sunglasses

A cool gunmetal versace frame covered in brown tones. The oval shape, 'GV' logos on the temple and transparent legs, it all fits together. A very original Versace model that is not necessarily all about the gold, but still stands firm in its own way.

Heb mich auf, wirf mich weg, fang mich nicht auf.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, signs of wear to the lenses and frame. 

Model Nr: MOD. X11

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Struck by lightning bitten...

Very rare Struck by lightning bitten by a Cobra Versace sunglasses.

As struck by thunder and bitten by a Cobra, these glasses give you powers you didn't had before. I blacked out and saw images of ancient sunglasses forgers making Versaces with silver reptile temples. There was an ancient prophecy that only the Chosen One could master this pair of sun protection. 

“Diese schönen blauen Augen haben mich getäuscht.”

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, some small signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. S20

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Mal Jueska Versace Sunglasses

Very rare Mal Jueska Versace Sunglasses.

Almost rimless Versace sunglasses. Golden brown lenses with a very light gradient, the way the lenses are intertwined in the wafer-thin gold frame is simply sublime. Craftsmanship splashes from your face when wearing such an unprecedented design.

Wenn der Mann ein Wort prägte, wusste jeder, was er meinte.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, some scratches on the lenses. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: MOD. 2006

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Conveyor Belt Versace...

Very rare Conveyor Belt Versace Sunglasses.

Jet black Giannie Versace frame with metal engraved spell-out logo temples. Perhaps not Gianni's most eccentric design, but when he saw these sunglasses roll out of the factory on a conveyor belt, he was once again very pleased with his creation, ‘a beautiful specimen’, he said.

Arbeiter riechen nach Kartoffeln und Fische müssen schwimmen.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. 531

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Limbic System Versace...

Very rare Limbic System Versace sunglasses.

Glasses that can be seen as an extension of the limbic system. When putting on these glasses, your brain hemispheres will communicate better with each other. This allows emotion, motivation and pleasure to be felt extra, in a way that no human being can yet.

Lass die Wochentage los und umarme den endlosen Tag, der übrig bleibt.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, minor signs of wear. Comes with original case. 

Model Nr: MOD. F12

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Primary School Teacher...

Very rare Primary School Teacher Versace sunglasses.

Sturdy and tough, 2 words, 1 pair of glasses, Versace. The bronze metal housing with engraved meander pattern is constructed so well that the lenses can rest very comfortably in it. What my primary school teacher Annicka used to say: "If the glasses are happy, then you are happy."

24-Stunden-Events dauern den ganzen Tag.

The sunglasses are in good vintage condition, minor signs of wear. At the front, a little bit of coating has come off the frame.

Model Nr: MOD. 2007

Price: €95

Price €95.00

Midas Touch Golden Medusa...

amazing sunglasses.

The condition of these sunglasses is used. Lot of fading to the metal work, logo and some small scratches on the lenses that don't interfere with vision. 

Price €125.00

Silver Classic Medusa...

amazing sunglasses.

The condition of these sunglasses is used. Lot of fading to the metal work, logo and some scratches on the lenses. This exlains the low price.

Price €130.00

Team Leader Versace Sunglasses

Very rare Team Leader Versace sunglasses.

“Why is there such a good atmosphere here?” the customer service representative asked in amazement. The team leader proudly replied, “That's because of my Versace with crocodile skin legs. Atmosphere-enhancing measures will be used if the rest do not cooperate."

Teamleiter und Besetzungsschichtleiter; sie schicken die Lagerhalter in die falsche Richtung.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. 454

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Babbling Brook Versace...

Very rare Babbling Brook Versace Sunglasses.

The night is dark and the stars are twinkling, with this Large black Versace frame inlaid with Rhinestones you disappear into the void of the evening. A smart and provocative model, but no one who will be surprised, you are one with the meander of the babbling brook in which you glide along wonderfully.

Das Organisieren von Excel-Dateien ist eine meiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. 702

Price: €80

Price €80.00

Just Jan Idiosyncratic...

Very rare Versace sunglasses.

A very very special OG OG versace find. The year from which these glasses originate will be around 1980, that time when Gianni was still called just Jan, but already had his idiosyncratic feeling for over-the-top glasses. This is one for the real connoisseur, the glasses seem to have a monobrow, from which a flourishing gold frame appears. Never seen before, never seen before, never been.

Essen Sie Pommes mit der Königin, auch wenn Sie keine Lust dazu haben.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition considering its age, some signs of wear to the lenses and frame. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: MOD. S02

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Spherevolle Versace Sunglasses

Very rare Versace Sunglasses.

These are some very attractive and exultant sunglasses; a large, thick, square Versace frame from Gianni Versaces famous collection. On both temples there are 2 silver spheres filled to the brim with Medusa physiognomy, it is so atmospheric and palatable. A pleasure for the eye, both to see and to see through, like a room filled with spherevol light.

Die Milch fliegt durch die Luft, während die Kühe grasen. Ich nenne das eine bio-dynamische Farm.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition. There are some flaws to the lenses and frames, but they can certainly go for another round. Comes with original box.

Model Nr: MOD. 417

Price: €130

Price €130.00

Gunmetal Buzzgame Versace...

Fully gunmetal Versace frame with brownish lenses. Glasses just as difficult as that one game that you have to go from one side to the other with a ring on a stick without touching the metal bar, because then the buzzer will buzz and then you have to start again.

Die neue Trendfarbe für dieses Jahr ist Lila in allen möglichen Farben, von altem Rosa bis Fuchsia.

These glasses are deadstock, with original case.

Model Nr: MOD. X94

Price: €80

Price €80.00

Black White Versace Sunglasses

Very very rare Gianni Versace sunglasses from 1990’s. These sunglasses are from the Gianni Versace era, made by the Italocremona Factory in Italy. The quality is immediately felt when you hold the glasses in your hands. The plastic feels very sturdy and the temples are from beautifully detailed gun metal, folded in the notorious Versace meander pattern. The black and white color combination gives these glasses that real retro vibe from the pre-color television era. With these glasses you can go straight onto the track. Ferrari-Autos bewegen sich schnell.

These glasses are in an excellent vintage condition, there are just some minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: Mod. 530

Price: €85

Regular price €85.00 Price €68.00

Black Crocodile Leather...

Extremely rare Versace sunglasses from the early 90’s. You can clearly see from this pair of sunglasses why Versace is so loved by many celebrities. The large black frame immediately creates a diva-like look. This feeling is completed by the legs that are put in faux crocodile leather sleeves, finished with the well-known gold Medusa heads will make you feel like a celebrity. This model is really hard to find and always sell for high prices on auction sites and let's be honest, it's not hard to see why. 


This pair is in a very good vintage condition for it’s age, a small damage can be seen on the right front.


Model Nr. : 417/P Col 852

Price €725.00