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Matryoshka Doll Versace...

Very Rare Matryoshka Doll Versace Sunglasses

That style has no expiration date is evident again, see here these brand new old stock Versace sunglasses in a flaming orange colorway. Never worn, fully boxed, in box, like a matryoshka doll, this beautiful Versace facial accessory is up for grabs.

Ich bin froh, dass ich nie gehe, weil ich es hasse, nach Hause zu kommen.

The sunlglasses are deadstock, comes with original case and packaging.

Model Nr: MOD.453

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Super Effective Versace...

Very Rare Super Effective Versace Sunglasses

Protect yourself against the sun with these super effective rimless Versace sunglasses. Everybody has several strengths and weaknesses in both attack and defense. In battle, you should use moves that have a type advantage over your opponent; doing so will cause much more damage than normal. Wearing these sunglasses will wash the weaknesses out of your soul.

Eine Schlange wird niemals zweimal mit dem Zeh auf denselben Stein stoßen.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. N35

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Coolest Ever Versace...

Very Rare Coolest Ever Versace Sunglasses

Coolest Versace sunglasses ever.

Es macht nicht mehr Spaß, aber es wird einfacher.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost like new. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: MOD. 618

Price: €200

Price €200.00

High School Graduation...

Very Rare High School Graduation Versace Sunglasses

If many hands make work easier, many heads will make thinking easier. These Versace sunglasses have no less than 16 golden Medusa heads scattered over their temples. If only you had worn these glasses during your high school graduation...

Kürzlich dachte ich, ich hätte mich verirrt, während ich nicht nach dem Weg suchte.

The sunglasses have some signs of wear to the frame, lenses are brand new. Comes in Versace case.

Model Nr: MOD. 420

Price: €160

Price €160.00

Very Rare Good Cop Bad Cop...

Very Rare Good Cop Bad Cop Versace Sunglasses

A somewhat sportier Versace model that also has the oh so appreciated golden medusa. Glasses with which you do not draw all the attention to you, but with which you will receive exactly the right attention. Glasses that can be worn by the good cop, the bad cop, but also by the thief. Who are you in this story?

"Schnell, schnell, mach auf, ich will nicht, dass mich hier jemand sieht." Es ist Anna. Sie schleicht sich wie ein Dieb in der Nacht ein.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear. Comes with original leather case.

Model Nr: MOD. 408

Price: €130

Price €130.00

Slide Bank Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare Slide Bank Versace Sunglasses 

Versace sunglasses with a golden meandering river as a leg. Such loops are created in rivers or streams because soil is washed away in the outer bend, where the water flows fastest, while soil is deposited on the other side. The bank where the soil is eroded is called the shock bank and the bank where material is deposited the slide bank. Twist your way through existence with these frames.

Alle neuen Dinge sind heutzutage 2.0. Wird eine neue Website entwickelt? Dann ist das Website 2.0.

The sunglasses are in a good condition, some signs of wear to lenses and frame.

Model Nr: MOD. 527

Price: €130

Price €130.00

Sunny Regions Versace...

Very Rare Sunny Regions Versace Sunglasses

Versace is known for using Medusa's face, often in gold. This symbol can be explained, since Medusa possessed a special beauty according to myths. However, much to her chagrin, she lived in a land where the sun never shone. Medusa begged Athena to let her leave for sunny regions, where she could wear sunglasses with her own face as temples, like this beautiful Versace model.

Menschen und Bananen teilen 50 % der gleichen DNA.

The sunglasses are in a very good condition, minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: Mod. 451

Price: €150

Price €150.00

City Nobility Versace...

Very Rare City Nobility Versace Sunglasses

Jousting was a favorite leisure activity of the city nobility, from the high Middle Ages (1000-1250) and until the 16th century. Participation was only open to young knights who were well-to-do and had access to staff, a good horse, proper armor, and the free time to practice jousting. It seems like nowadays jousting has evolved into a wearable Versace frame with gunmetal fork legs that cares about decorating your face while also providing you with the necessary protection.

Die Gabel ließ den Griff im Apfel, ohne Reue.

The sunglasses are new old stock

Model Nr: MOD. 342

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Kings Greeting Versace...

Very Rare Kings Greeting Versace Sunglasses

Shapes of otherworldly beauty combined with a popping gold and orange iridescence is what gives these sunglasses their uniqueness. The shapely orange lenses represent the world as if it's Kings Day every day and are carried in a gold metal frame with webbed decorations. A king's greeting to his people will determine how much prosperity the people will experience.

Blutige Szenen spielten sich ab, als die Putzfrau in einer Glasscherbe stand.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. 2015

Price: €115

Price €115.00

Annual Cycle Versace...

Very Rare Annual Cycle Versace Sunglasses

We have an apparently special Versace model here; a matte black gunmetal frame with a leaf pattern in relief on the legs. In addition to the leaves that fall from the trees in their annual cycle, but also grow back, the glasses also have 2 medusa logos on the legs. And if that's not enough, there are very pleasant gray gradient lenses to look through.

Diese Katze, die dich wie ein König ansieht und dich fragt, ob du das Katzenklo wechseln möchtest.

The sunglasses are in a near mint condition, almost no signs of wear and brand new lenses.

Model Nr: MOD. X02

Price: €90

Price €90.00

Wearable Art Versace...

Very Rare Wearable Art Versace Sunglasses

Full dark gray metal sunglasses frames used to be popular, but are still doing very well today. Gianni can therefore safely be called a visionary, if you look at the timelessness of his creations. The frame has an open and graceful structure, with a silver Medusa face incorporated on the temples. All in all, this is a wearable piece of art to be cherished.

Fischen Sie Ihre Fische aus dem Teich und malen Sie weiter.

The sunglasses are in a mint condition. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: MOD. 533

Price: €140

Price €140.00

Extension of Man Versace...

Very Rare Extension of Man Versace Sunglasses

Versace sunglasses that serve as an extension of man. This tortoise Versace is like an organ, without the gold Medusas on your temples you don't feel complete. This device enhances your senses in such a way that the world can be perceived in a different way, stimuli appear that were previously too far reaching for human perception.

Es muss sehr heiß sein, wenn Ihre Uhr von der Wand schmilzt.

The sunglasses are in good vintage condition, some signs of wear to lenses, frame and hardware.

Model Nr: MOD. 420

Price: €140

Price €140.00

Cute 'n Tough Versace...

Very Rare Cute ’n Tough Versace Sunglasses

A pretty thick oval edge at the front, that's what makes these sunglasses so special. Completed with somewhat narrower legs that are accompanied by sweet gold Medusa plaques. A beautiful relationship between cute and tough comes to the fore with this Versace thing.

Speziell für den Crazy Hair Day habe ich schon zwölf Tipps aufgelistet. ... Machen Sie aus Ihrer Frisur ein Einhorn.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, signs of wear to lenses, frame and hardware. There is no serial number on the inside of the legs as they are replacement Versace legs. Comes with original case.

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Bright Flashes Versace...

Very Rare Bright Flashes Versace Sunglasses 

It's almost New Years, how cool would it be to start 2022 with an oval Versace that also has metal front legs. The transparent blue front of the sunglasses resembles all the fireworks that will appear in the sky at the turn of the year, only loud noises and bright flashes.

Sie werden nur begnadigt, wenn Sie den Entenküken die Hälfte Ihres Vermögens geben.

The Sunglasses are New Old Stock.

Model Nr: MOD. 341/A

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Stained Glass Versace...

Very Rare Stained Glass Versace Sunglasses

Sublime how the oval red front of these Versace sunglasses lets the light through, almost as enchanting as the beauty of sunbeams falling through stained glass. The red frame with pleasant dark lenses is mounted on metal fork legs, the whole is downright eye-catching.

Wahr und allein singe ich Lieder um meinen Zeh, ich sehe darin den Gruß meines Großvaters.

The sunglasses are New Old Stock.

Model Nr: MOD. 341/A

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Exclamation Mark Versace...

Very Rare Exclamation Mark Versace Sunglasses

This pair of Gianni Versace sunglasses is the bomb! The black colorway with golden Medusa details on the temples always hits hard! A real Holy Grail for collectors! This Versace deserves to be described with a lot of exclamation marks!

Die Aufmerksamkeit verlagerte sich langsam vom Mikro zum Makro, das Kleine im Ganzen zu sehen ist immer wichtig.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, inevitable signs of wear such as scratches to lenses and frame. The scratches do not hinder the view. Comes with Versace case

Model Nr: MOD. 420/C

Price: €145

Price €145.00

Lion Tamer Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare Lion Tamer Versace Sunglasses

These Versace sunglasses give a warm soft look. The tortoise print of the frame and the brown lenses are partly responsible for this, but the slightly nuanced gold medusa stamps on the legs also have an influence on this. This is one of those sunglasses that lion tamers use to keep their tigers under control.

Brabant ist man nur, wenn man Wurstbrötchen falten kann, jeder kann es werden.

The sunglasses are in a vintage condition, scratches to the frame and temples, but the lenses are pretty. These glasses have a wide fit.

Model Nr: MOD. S95

Price: €115

Price €115.00

Late Summer Versace Sunglasses

Very Rare Late Summer Versace Sunglasses

Breathtaking oval Versace frame in a frosted gray transparent colorway. This pair also features a subtle silver triangular logo on the temples. The perfect sunglasses to spend your late summer with.

Tragödien und Komödien über kaputtes Geschirr.

The sunglasses are in near mint condition, frame is a little crooked.

Model Nr: MOD. 455

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Primary School Teacher...

Very rare Primary School Teacher Versace sunglasses.

Sturdy and tough, 2 words, 1 pair of glasses, Versace. The bronze metal housing with engraved meander pattern is constructed so well that the lenses can rest very comfortably in it. What my primary school teacher Annicka used to say: "If the glasses are happy, then you are happy."

24-Stunden-Events dauern den ganzen Tag.

The sunglasses are in good vintage condition, minor signs of wear. At the front, a little bit of coating has come off the frame.

Model Nr: MOD. 2007

Price: €95

Price €95.00

Babbling Brook Versace...

Very rare Babbling Brook Versace Sunglasses.

The night is dark and the stars are twinkling, with this Large black Versace frame inlaid with Rhinestones you disappear into the void of the evening. A smart and provocative model, but no one who will be surprised, you are one with the meander of the babbling brook in which you glide along wonderfully.

Das Organisieren von Excel-Dateien ist eine meiner Lieblingsbeschäftigungen

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some signs of wear.

Model Nr: MOD. 702

Price: €80

Price €80.00

Just Jan Idiosyncratic...

Very rare Versace sunglasses.

A very very special OG OG versace find. The year from which these glasses originate will be around 1980, that time when Gianni was still called just Jan, but already had his idiosyncratic feeling for over-the-top glasses. This is one for the real connoisseur, the glasses seem to have a monobrow, from which a flourishing gold frame appears. Never seen before, never seen before, never been.

Essen Sie Pommes mit der Königin, auch wenn Sie keine Lust dazu haben.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition considering its age, some signs of wear to the lenses and frame. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: MOD. S02

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Gunmetal Buzzgame Versace...

Fully gunmetal Versace frame with brownish lenses. Glasses just as difficult as that one game that you have to go from one side to the other with a ring on a stick without touching the metal bar, because then the buzzer will buzz and then you have to start again.

Die neue Trendfarbe für dieses Jahr ist Lila in allen möglichen Farben, von altem Rosa bis Fuchsia.

These glasses are deadstock, with original case.

Model Nr: MOD. X94

Price: €80

Price €56.00 Regular price €80.00

Black Crocodile Leather...

Extremely rare Versace sunglasses from the early 90’s. You can clearly see from this pair of sunglasses why Versace is so loved by many celebrities. The large black frame immediately creates a diva-like look. This feeling is completed by the legs that are put in faux crocodile leather sleeves, finished with the well-known gold Medusa heads will make you feel like a celebrity. This model is really hard to find and always sell for high prices on auction sites and let's be honest, it's not hard to see why. 


This pair is in a very good vintage condition for it’s age, a small damage can be seen on the right front.


Model Nr. : 417/P Col 852

Price €725.00