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Nothing Has Changed Dior...

Very Rare Nothing Has Changed Dior Sunglasses

Nothing has changed, the world is still the same. Go down the street, around the corner, and everything is as it used to be. Or strangely enough, completely different, when you look through these fabulous oversized Dior sunglasses. Enchanting how round and angular seamlessly merge into each other, as well as the yellow and blue color gradient.

Einzelfahrkarte nach Holendrecht, wenn Sie für eine Weile verschwinden möchten.

The sunglasses are in a very good condition considering its age, some minor signs of wear to lenses and frame.

Model Nr: 2041

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Unexpected Spectacle Dior...

Very Rare Unexpected Spectacle Dior Sunglasses

An unexpected spectacle rises from the darkness, the black frame generates a devastating beauty in combination with the classic 'CD' hinges. Sunglasses with a classic yet somewhat rebellious look that will shine on whoever wears it.

Obskure Partys in Bunkern erinnern an die alten Zeiten, als die Menschen noch im Mutterleib schaukelten.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some signs of wear to lenses and frame. Comes with original silver Dior leather sleeve

Model Nr: 2958A

Price: €110

Price €110.00

Five-Way Jump Dior Sunglasses

Very Rare Five-Way Jump Dior Sunglasses

The five-way jump, where five roads intersect, you can choose which way you go. Making choices is made for you because today you have chosen these oversized pentagonal Dior Sunglasses from a long time ago. With its off-white color and scale-like texture, these are also glasses with a high tactility level.

Kortjakjes sind extra dicke Farbstifte.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear.

Model Nr: 2230

Price: €80

Price €80.00

Refreshing Bite Dior...

Very Rare Refreshing Bite Dior Sunglasses

These oversized Dior glasses are like a well-ripened fruit, made long ago, but now at its best. A distinctive pair of glasses with its beautiful transparent and matte red-yellow color gradient, as fresh as an apple. Sunglasses intended for the real connoisseur who is ready for a refreshing bite.

Der abgestochene Zeh ist wütend auf den Herrn, der an ihm hängt.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, some scratches on the lenses. Comes with soft leather Dior case.

Model Nr: 2005

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Cool to Boot Dior Sunglasses

Very Rare Cool to Boot Dior Sunglasses

What a chic looking toy: tortoise butterfly frame with large golden CD logo hinges. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of couture history and looking uber cool to boot.

Jeder versucht, schneller zu sein als der Rest.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, almost no signs of wear. Comes with original soft leather case.

Model Nr: 2917

Price: €110

Price €110.00

City Dweller Dior Sunglasses

Very rare City Dweller Dior Sunglasses 

A pair suitable for the modern city dweller who cannot do without his sunglasses. Dior, the iconic must-have label for the fashion elite, introduces their rectangular framed sunglasses with cut out D logo at the temples for a touch of contemporary style with retro detailing. 

Die Tür Ihres Kühlschranks offen zu lassen, funktioniert nicht wie eine Mikrowelle.

The sunglasses are in good vintage condition, some small signs of wear. Comes with original case and cloth. 

Model Nr: DIOR DAY 2

Regular price €120.00 Price €84.00

Sporty 000000 Dior Sunglasses

Very rare Sporty 000000 Dior sunglasses.

Sporty sunglasses in black with hexadecimal color code #000000, a very dark shade of grey. In the RGB color model, #000000 consists of 0% red, 0% green, and 0% blue. In the HSL color space, #000000 has a hue of 0°, 0% saturation and 0% lightness. This color has an estimated wavelength of 477.19 nm.

Errate den Namen Rumpelstilzchen richtig und bekomme immer noch kein Gold.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, some signs of wear to the frame and lenses.

Price: €80

Price €80.00

Back to Life Dior Sunglasses

Very rare Back to Life Dior sunglasses. 

As he was dying, Joris, almost nonchalantly, dropped his favorite glasses on his head and stopped dying. He came back to life and began to sing songs. He also did a crazy dance. The living proof that good glasses can save lives.

Der Wettermann hat immer Unrecht, aber ich strecke selbst meine Hand aus dem Fenster.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, signs of wear to lenses and frame.

Model Nr: MILAN

Price: €90

Price €90.00

Influencers Influencer Dior...

Very rare Influencers Influencer Dior Sunglasses

Summer is just around the corner and everyone's feed is slowly starting to fill with the ubiquitous influencer sporting their latest fun bathing suits and other summer trinkets. Don't be fooled and show what you can do with these exquisite Dior sunglasses in a golden brown colourway, made to influence your favourite influencer.

Lasst uns die Leute nicht mit ihrem Essen aus ihrem Herkunftsland schikanieren.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition, barely any signs of use. Comes with original case.


Price €115.00

Two Tone To Tony Dior...

Very rare Two Tone To Tony Dior Sunglasses.

What a beauty of a frame, large and square. A gradient two tone colorway in shades of grey, complemented by beautifully carved CD logos. You can go straight to the left front, do a nice dance.

Das Jubiläum des lila Marschalls sollte mit einer Fülle von Limonade gefeiert werden.

The sunglasses are in a very good vintage condition.

Model Nr: FLAVOUR 2

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Sizzling Rhinstone Dior...

Very rare Dior sunglasses.

Black rectangular Dior sunglasses inlaid with Strass. With rhinestones you can make the most beautiful creations. The shimmer of rhinestones approximates the unique, dazzling shine of a diamond. Rhinestones are extremely popular and completely contemporary, but did you know that rhinestones were already invented in the 18th century?

Wenn Sie darauf warten, dass etwas passiert, warten Sie besser nicht.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: CD 3052/STRASS

Price: €90

Regular price €90.00 Price €63.00