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Special Product Gucci...

Very Rare Special Product Gucci Sunglasses

Looking at the unprecedented beauty of these Gucci sunglasses, you realise that there is still so much undiscovered of all the beauty the earth has to offer. Sleek oval shaped, wrapped in a light tortoise print and stamped with Golden Gucci logos; these sunglasses are a special product that Mother Earth endows us with.

Die lila Blüten sehen in den bereits leeren Flaschen Genever wunderschön aus.

The sunglasses are in good vintage condition, some micro scratches to the lenses and frame. 

Model Nr: GG 2419

Price: €105

Price €105.00

Style Bender Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Style Bender Gucci Sunglasses

Long ago the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the market sunnies attacked. Only one style bender could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new style bender. Armed with a Gucci GG 2409 in a brown shade, we believe the world can be saved.

Der kleine Timo hat in der sechsten Klasse schreiben gelernt, bevor er sprechen konnte.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, there are some scratches on the lenses. Also the frame has some scratches and a little part of coating is missing - see photos. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: GG 2409

Price: €150

Price €150.00

Queue Skipper Gucci Sunglasses

Extremely Rare Queue Skipper Gucci Sunglasses

You go to that one obscure club with that well-known long line. But if the doorman sees what kind of matte black colossus you are arriving with on your head, the entire queue can be skipped. With an honorary walk, anyone who has to wait can look with admiration at the brand new Limited Edition Gucci that you own. You don't hear “NEIN!” today.

Es bleibt spannend: Bekommt ihr ein Sandwich oder einen Punk-Song?

The sunglasses are brand new and come with al original belongings.

Model Nr: GG 0516s

Price: €195

Price €195.00

Visual Power Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Visual Power Gucci Sunglasses

A pair of Gucci sunglasses with deep and dark tortoise color, smoky lenses and gold 'GG' logos on the arms. You are not the first to fall for it, because the shape is not wrong either. The oval glass in an oval frame that also turns out to have corners, we speak here of a high-quality visual power.

Die Keksbrösel im Glas Portwein geben den wahren Genuss.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, there are some signs of wear to frame, but the lenses look almost unused.

Model Nr: GG 2196

Price: €120

Price €120.00

Want to Pet Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Want to Pet Gucci Sunglasses

What a formidable oval cat eye frame in black with gold interlocking 'GG' logos. The oval shape works really well with the feline shape, the end result is to pet, so beautiful.

Eine Tasse Milch für den eher Hirten rechts.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some signs of wear to lenses and frame. Comes with original case. 

Model Nr: GG 2195

Price: €110

Price €110.00
Book Presentation Gucci Sunglasses -30%
  • -30%
  • New

Book Presentation Gucci...

Very Rare Book Presentation Gucci Sunglasses

 wide cat eye design in a high luster polished gold metal frame. Embossed classic “GUCCI” logo at both outer temples arms and are capped with soft & comfortable tortoiseshell colored tips. The shapes and curves in combination with the gold makes it almost liquid. 

Bei meiner letzten Buchpräsentation war es verdächtig ruhig.

The sunglasses are in a really good condition considering its age (1980), minor signs of wear to the lenses and frame. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: GG 2254

Price: €100

Regular price €100.00 Price €70.00
Cockpit to Catwalk Gucci Sunglasses -30%
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Cockpit to Catwalk Gucci...

Very Rare Cockpit to Catwalk Gucci Sunglasses

The aviator was originally designed to give military pilots the best possible coverage for their eyes in the sky. Gucci has taken this classic model from cockpit to catwalk, with its lightweight gold frame and dark brown gradient lenses.

Schimpfe nie auf Leute, die dich danach schikanieren.

The sunglasses are in decent vintage condition, there are some scratches to the lenses, but they do not obstruct the view.

Model Nr: GG 1292

Price: €110

Regular price €110.00 Price €77.00

Running Shoes Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Running Shoes Gucci Sunglasses

It's fast and it shines! Glitter on the logos glistening by for others as you run through a park. It's possible with this sleek black Gucci frame. Choose your park, put on your running shoes, put on these goggles and work on your health in style.

Free Pietje, Free Nick, Free 3 Hunde und mich selbst.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, minor signs of wear to the lenses and frame and one rhinestone is missing.

Model Nr: GG 2545/STRASS

Price: €90 

Regular price €90.00 Price €63.00

Bonanza Bonanza Gucci...

Very Rare Bonanza Bonanza Gucci Sunglasses.

Prosperity at its purest, cast in the silhouette of a chicer than chic Gucci frame. Gold with tortoise is a combination, a combination of buzz, the tactility of this pair is also fantastic, it feels so sturdy and durable. Bonanza, bonanza, one for health, one for wealth and one for happiness.

Liebe Grüße von der Urlaubsinsel an euch die daheim bleiben.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition considering its age, some signs of wear. Comes with original case.

Model Nr: GG 2360

Price: €120

Regular price €120.00 Price €84.00

Spoedtest Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Spoedtest Gucci Sunglasses.

Tested in wind tunnels, this hyper dynamic sleek black Gucci is what you need to exude sport and classic. Super solid frame, the thick frame ensures ultimate wearing comfort. Glasses you will never take off again.

„Ruud, würdest du noch ein paar Teilchen in den Beschleuniger werfen?“ rief Margot mutlos.

The sunglasses are in a decent condition, some signs of wear.

Model Nr: GG 1190

Price: €80

Price €80.00

Edgeless Gucci Sunglasses

Very rare Edgeless Gucci Sunglasses.

There are square Guccis, there are round Guccis and there are those oval frames from the Italian style supplier. Today we go for this black oval pair, because we want to experience as few edges as possible. Everything should be nice and smooth. 

Habe die Waschmaschine mit der falschen Seite geöffnet.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some minor signs of wear.

Model Nr: GG 2400

Price: €90

Price €90.00

Under Water Gucci Sunglasses

Very Rare Under Water Gucci Sunglasses.

The sun also shines under water, when I can swim with the fish. Cloudy water becomes clear by the second. The sunglasses have a round shaped and brown coloured frame.

Wir gedeihen besser als aufgeschnittene Hähnchenschenkel.

The sunglasses are in a decent vintage condition, some signs of wear to the lenses and frame. Comes with original Gucci frame.

Model Nr: GG2400

Price: €100

Price €100.00

Solar System Gucci Sunglasses

Very rare Solar System Gucci Sunglasses.

As long as the sun has not burned out and the earth continues to rotate, it is important to protect yourself from our great glowing fireball that makes life on Earth possible. These oval tortoise Gucci sunglasses are an ideal guardian angel against all the sun's violence.

Eine Miniaturwelt mit Minizügen am Bahnhof ist alles, was ich will.

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, barely any signs of use. 

Model Nr: GG2405

Price: €100

Regular price €100.00 Price €60.00

Rectangular Black With Gold...

Very rare Gucci sunglasses from the 90’s. Some speedy rectangular glasses in black with golden Gucci rivet logos. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfers and construction workers. Is there something loose, weld it back together in style. Milch bringt dich nicht um, aber sie schmeckt auch nicht wirklich.

Good vintage condition, the lenses are new, but some signs of wear to frame and logos.

Model Nr: GG 2515

Price: €70

Regular price €70.00 Price €49.00

Silver Rimless Gucci...

Silver frame with ocean blue lenses?

The sunglasses are in a good vintage condition, some small scratches on the lenses, does not obstruct your view when wearing.

Model Nr: GG 2655

Price: €60

Regular price €60.00 Price €42.00